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Persian Wisdom – (in English)

Persian Wisdom-  (in English).

Scientists, historians, writers were interested in the Persian collection of Persian proverbs and wisdoms.
Among the most important of them include “Al Firdawsi”, the author of the famous Persian epic that Shahnamé, Farid al-Din al Attar, author of Animal Logic, Djelal al Din al Rumi, Hafez al Shirazi, Ibn Sina (Avicenène), Omar al Khayyam. In the twelfth century of the Gregorian calendar, it has greatly distinguished from his contemporaries by his wisdom gained by attendance côtoiement of many scholars, writers in Iran.The letters, the arts were a big rise above the linguistic sciences, arts oratories, wisdom, proverbs, including divine wisdoms. Historians have considered the time of Omar al Khayyam like wisdom and have considered a second Ibn Sina (Avicenna) saw his wisdom.
It was made famous by its “Rouba ‘iyatt” or “” quatrains “Driades” which contained poems whose wisdom was the lion’s share.
In turn, the Persian wisdom, like other Eastern wisdom, were influenced by the cultural heritage of other peoples, including Arabic poetry and what has been translated the ancient Indian wisdoms as Kaelila and wa Diumna, and of Arabic poetry. If adopted Persian wisdom which has influenced over the ages, it stated in an authentic style. *
If we observe the minutiae of style, it would necessaire the poet or the sage himself meme paraphrase to clarify the meaning, because every word inevitably gives added meaning to something new. Frequently, the translations were moving away from the original that the translator made sure the harmony of language to leave the seal of the time lived, and with the desire of the (translation) In doing so, the reader presentative original work as the one he had just translated as an original untranslated.
This was clearly expressed in the poems and wisdom of Omar Khayyam al. Historians have also shown that he was influenced by Abu al A’la al Ma’ari.
Indeed, he wanted to give meaning to such an extent that by wanting to refer to the original, you can not find a similarity or a reconciliation.
It ota to Arabic translation his coat and gave him the new spirit of the poet and philosopher of El Khayyam, poet and philosopher, sage.
The bits of wisdom Persian prose and poetry that we present to the reader eloquently express what we clearly indicated


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