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Graphology in the balance

Graphology in the balance

د عاكف

 Its importance in modifying behavior   by identifying it and treating it as a specific disease to overcome it, either by the family or by the person himself by trying to overcome his mistakes (knowing something constitutes half of a solution).


The science of personality analysis through written handwriting and signature

It appeared as a science at the beginning of the twentieth century


This science was developed by the Germans after its results were proven

Major companies are adopting staff

Specialized institutions

Psychology —- Management Science.


 A person usually does not like to admit that there are flaws or deficiencies in it: pride and lack of confidence.

Science used in all stages of human life

Reveals: psychological strikes – aggressive – nervous – introverted – reckless – chaotic – optimistic – determined

Knowing what hobbies can be practiced – a list of actions that can be tailored according to priority and particularly inappropriate works.

The analysis is done based on  main points:

Font pressure – toward the bottom line — up — the space between words – the font size is small or Big. 

The right margin and the left margin, which is wide.

Setting the numbering or not, the shape of the line, and its aesthetics.

Signature and this is the most reliable point –  

The marginal angles of some characters,  . 

The problem of reviewing 1000 applications / 50 jobs – and in large companies, it may reach several thousand.

Save time – count the accepted requests for interview – adopt scientific standards – an external agency that conducts the analysis.

It turns out, after reviewing the science reports, that they are 90% correct.

  The pen force on paper 

– Shows high energy, and great activity, sometimes aggressive.

– Middle pressure: indicates a balanced personality.

– Light pressure: evidence of allergies (i.e., it is often sensory, affected by situations quickly). Irregular: It may indicate that a person’s inner energy is disorganized, and that this person is considered unstable, moody and impatient with speed..

Although all people are subjected to the same rules that govern the line, but every person writes his own line and his own way of writing, which distinguishes him from others due to the difference in personality with its balance, patterns, and problems, whether it is behavioral or psychological (psychological disorders).

and therefore the line is a reflection of the psychological engineering and programming of man Nervousness helps us in identifying the personality style and its problems, and therefore one of the methods of measuring the personality model is to be used in re-programming again.

In conclusion, we can say:

The skill of connecting with people. How would you like to learn how to create comfortable and easy relationships; to get people trust you; to make them feel at ease, feeling that they can open up to you and genuinely feel safe and free with you? Rapport makes anything communicable and this is a skill that everyone should know about. Imagine if we could all communicate effortlessly with each other… this would be a very different world to live in…

Understanding this language and its impact on our mind, empowers you to make changes for just about ANYTHING in your neurology. Instant change of perception, beliefs, motivation, pain, headaches… literally infinite possibilities of what we could affect by this priceless knowledge.

Learn how to easily reframe any given objection. No matter what objection gets thrown your way, you’ll know how to easily twist it, spin it and change its meaning into something positive. This changes everything and the objection becomes obsolete. This skill is extremely valuable in sales, counseling and everyday life.

 So but others believes..   .

Validation of the judgment of graphologists In these studies, we wonder if the assessments of graphologists are in agreement with external criteria without worrying about the nature of the graphical indices on which they are based. The handwriting samples presented to graphologists often have content, and graphologists may unwittingly rely on that content and not on the graphic in formulating their judgment. We must therefore distinguish between studies according to whether the neutrality of the content is checked or not. 295_24-29_.

 Several methods can be used to validate the judgment of graphologists. We can ask graphologists, and more generally judges, to carry out a simple sorting by indicating on the basis of the examination of a writing sample whether or not the writer has a particular character trait (sorting) . You can also ask, which is a variant of the previous method, to indicate the degree to which the writer shows a character trait (rating). We can also ask the graphologist to put himself in the subject’s shoes and react, by completing a questionnaire, as the latter should react given his writing (prediction of behavior). Finally, we can ask to match the complete psychological portraits made without graphology and the psychological portraits of the same people made only by means of graphology, or even ask graphologists to match psychological portraits and writing samples (pairing )

There is no gold standard theory or magic bullet method for understanding or predicting behavior. Human behavior involves habits, automatic responses, conscious choices and calculations, and is located in complex social environments and cultures. Behavior is complex and cannot be reduced to a single measure or model. In fact, there are over 115 behavior change theories

By. Soufan Akef


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