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Arab Wisdoms (Women .. Experiences )

Arab Wisdoms (Women ..  Experiences )

Arab Wisdoms (Women ..  Experiences )

A woman 

Man imagines happiness, but it is woman who leads him to it. (Qassim Amin)*( **

 If you are worried by the vices of your wife, remember her virtues, because it is rare that a woman lacks virtue. 

 The woman who chased Adam from paradise by malice made me happy by her love and her affection. (Jebran Khalil Jebran) *(**

  With a compassionate woman life is a paradise; with a dissatisfied one life is a hell. (Anis Mansour)   *

 A woman can get the secret out of a man’s heart whereas it is difficult for a man to discover the secret concealed by his wife. (Anis Mansour).   *

  Women listen to the advice of every man except their husband. (Hakki Haroun).

 The woman’s reason lies in her beauty whereas the beauty of man lies in his reason.(Elias Qounsoul, 20th century).*

 Do not believe in a woman when she swears, but believe in her when she reddens. (Hakki Haroun).

 Do not ask your husband to explain his behaviors – where he was and with whom – so not to blame him in case he lies. .(Elias Qounsoul, 20th century).* 

 A woman who loves her husband likes to see him constantly happy. (Elias Qounsoul).

    It is impossible to live with or without women. (Anis Mansour).

 Whatever is our attachment to women, sometimes we feel happy in their absence. (Sanabilu Zaman, Ears of time).*.

 Man holds dear the woman twice: the day he  marries her and the day of her death. (Bada’u Zuhur, the Marvels of flowers). *

 Do not let a stupid woman breast-feed your children because she will affect their character. (Ali Ibn Abi Taleb).

 We never ask how old an authentic piece of art is, nor how old is a woman. (Sanabilu, Zaman, Ears of time).

 Four things reduce sadness: the words of a woman, the meeting of friends, a drink taken with smile and good wishes to cheer up your days. (Al-Nidham 9th century).

  The best companion in times of weakness is a faithful woman, in times of fear reason, and at the moment of death praises. (Muawiya, 7th century).*

 Marriage is like a meal cooked by vapor: it is healthy but tasteless. (Anis Mansour)

 The mother is like a school that, well-formed, can form an exemplary nation. (Ahmed Shawqi, 19th 20th century)

A beautiful woman has no friends, but she gets jealous lovers .(AlJisr Salem). *

   Beautiful women do not always know happiness, and bright young people are not always beautiful. .( Russian saying ).

The Sultan and women flee someone who solicits with brutality. (Abdul Malik Ibn Marmwan, 7th – 8th century) **( 

…  Experiences

 Don’t consult a very busy man even if he is very wise, neither a coward even if he is the most learned. (Ali Ibn Abi Talib). *(

 We are richer than peasants but they are nobler than us. (Jebran Khalil Jebran) *(

 Eat what you like but dress up the way people like. (Ali Bin Abi Talib 7TH C) 

 Try to forget the mistakes of your friends if you want their friendship to last. (Bashar Ibn Burd, 8th century).

 Don’t let envious people know your wealth, don’t come across to drunkards and don’t engage a debate with eloquent people. (Ibn Abass).

Three are difficult to bear: being compelled to leave a loved land, leaving friends and losing a beloved one. (Zuheir Ibn Abi Salma). 

  The one who tells people what they do not like, people will tell of him what they do not know. (Ali Ibn Abi Talib-7th century).

 Everything has a beginning and the beginning of enmity is teasing. (Al-Mamun, 9th century)*

 Four types of person demean themselves: A talkative man when we do not ask him to speak and says what he does not know, a tyrannical man, a bad servant who denies the saying of his master, and the one who gets in without permission. (Al Mansour Abu Ja’far  8th *( 

  do not chase a poor man begging for charity: if he is worthy of your help, do it, if he is deleterious, you would not have given him the occasion to tell bad things about you. (Ibn Abass). *(

 The anger of the ignorant is manifested in his words and that of the reasonable man in his actions. (Nehj Al Balagha, Method of eloquence


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