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Arab Wisdoms (Arts and Beauty Love and nobility)

Arab Wisdoms..   (Arts and Beauty…  Love and nobility).

An ignorant doctor can kill one person whereas a mediocre artist can kill a whole nation. (Jebran Khalil Jebran).

  The artist is a foreigner among his neighbors and friends, a foreigner in his native land; he is even a foreigner in this world. (Jebran Khalil Jebran  )*

My soul, you are going up to your end. Be patient. Do not hurry up until the flowers grow on my tomb. (Jebran Khalil Jebran) .

 The Arabs say: Beauty is imbedded in the nose, the charm in the eyes. and the gentleness in the mouth. (Al-Ahnaf Ibn Qais, 7th century).

 We asked a philosopher about beauty. He replied.

“fingers of a woman, horns in the mouth of men.

Of bird: the eagle because he tries to reach the stars.,

Of sea: its calm in the day, its swells in the night.

Of water: its flow because it is like a heart which never knows hatred.

Of the sun: its rise because it is a serenity with a smile, and its setting because it is a farewell with hope.

Of beneficence: charity, because like the rain it arrives in due time. (Al-Jahiz, of the Abbasid Era 9-12th Century).

  Love in the heart of the one who feels it is more sublime than in the eye of one who sees it. (Ibn Alfared, 8th century* (.

 I have recited the Indian wisdom, poetry of the Arabic peninsula and the western music. Yet, I am still blind and deaf. (Jebran Khalil Jebran).

   Love and nobility

 A lover finds the sky clear despite the number of clouds covering it.(Qassim Amin, 20th century).  *

 Your love for a thing is a barrier between yourself and its disadvantages. Your disdain for a thing is a barrier between yourself and its advantages. (prophet Mohamed 7th century,) **().

 When love is authentic, it doesn’t diminish after marriage. (speech related to love and woman) ).

Wealth kills someone without pain whereas love makes him live  even with pain. (Ibn Salam, 8th century) .

 Our words about love kill it, the letters lose their meaning and die once pronounced. Love is not an eastern tale, at the end of which heroes get married. (Nizar Qabbani) ***().

Love your dear one within limits; for fear that he might hate you some day. (Ali Bin Abi Talib)* ).

 If you love, do it without excess, and if you hate, do it without abuse. (Abdullah Ibn Shaddad).*** ().


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